Introduction To Rainbow Film

- Nov 24, 2016 -

Rainbow film is a stretch material, the late 80 Taiwan imported technology and start promoting the product to the Mainland. Starting in 2005 years domestic independent production of Rainbow film products.

Rainbow film consists of imported and domestic Rainbow Rainbow film film.

Imported Rainbow films for the production of biaxial tensile machine, more uniform products, strength is higher, but now costs about 150 yuan per kilogram of imported products. The ordinary Rainbows film sells for about 35/KG, gap is huge. Shantou Crown Sheng plastic Rainbow 36u biaxial stretching of limited research and development products, performance is very close to the imported products, but the prices are less than half the imports.

Rainbow film thickness between 16u-36u, main color, including red-green, blue-and-gold, blue and purple light at the end of the three series. Rainbow film is a multilayer film, it takes full advantage of light interferometry, light, the level of refraction and interference between multiple angles type color changes, like the sky a rainbow effect. Rainbow the magical effect of the film is different from different perspectives, different Rainbow rich light effects in the membrane substrate will show a completely different color effects.

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