How Packing Products

- Nov 24, 2016 -

1. laser molded version laser molded version is the core of laser film production. It can be said that laser-molded version of the casting level determines the packing of production quality. Laser cast molded version completely different from sedan in the printing process, requirements are not the same. Laser molded version using a special metal sheet specially electroforming, and hardness of plate that is both strong and flexible regional reports, high temperature baking cannot be deformed, and under a magnifying glass can no longer see the layout of any minor flaws. Therefore, laser-molded version of casting quality requirements are very demanding, the plate is also very expensive, imported a high strength laser molded version million Yuan. Laser molded version needs to be very careful to use layoffs, Eraser, maintains there can be no minor collision when, without oil, water spillage on the laser-molded version; otherwise it will cause the product scrap.

2. coating laser film prices in general there are two types of material, one OPP, is a PET, which can be directly laser ticket printing graphics and text on it, which is not. If you want to PET laser graphic basement membrane, first PET membrane is coated with very thin coatings and laser graphics. Paint for coating is necessary to ensure the proper viscosity, but also have a good coating. All the coating process should be in a sealed, dust-free, constant temperature and humidity of the environment.

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