The plastics industry

- Nov 24, 2016-

Pearlescent pigments are translucent, application process, must pay attention to the gloss performance and use, in order to achieve a good effect. As Kun beauty Pearlescent pigment is chemically stable, and non-metallic paint, safety can be guaranteed. Therefore, is widely used in the plastic processing, such as leather, wallpaper, plastic wrap, cosmetics, shampoo packaging, home appliances plastic parts, faux Pearl, plastic buttons and other plastic products, extensive use of Pearlescent pigments to increase attractiveness. Pearlescent pigments can be used in almost all the thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics that are part of. Concentration of Pearlescent pigments used in plastic, depending on the application conditions, but usually 1–2 (resin weight), can reach a satisfactory effect for some film products are Pearlescent pigment concentrations as high as 4-8%. In addition, some less transparent Pearlescent pigments will also need to use a high content of pigments or larger particles in order to highlight the effect.

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