The advantages and disadvantages

- Nov 24, 2016 -

Pearl powder with particles of different sizes, in use showed different results. All in all, particles larger Flash effect is stronger, and less coverage of the background otherwise smaller particles, covering more of the background, more soft luster.

Guangdong is Pearl powder as a special effect pigments, due to its elegant Sheen, as well as different color toner and size, resulting in soft, shimmering appearance, so that it gets more and more applications in many industrial areas. Pearl powder can demonstrate natural pearls, shells, butterflies, fish, Rainbow, as well as the elegant metal gloss color. Varieties: silver, iridescent, interference, zhuguangjin, coloring, color magic, Yun Mutie, Crystal, diamond long, super white, color Pearl powder series. Pearl powder Pearl powder also known as pearls of nature is based on the principle of using the refraction of light and transmitted to reproduce the luster of Pearl-like soft and elegant. Yue is Pearl powder with nontoxic, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, light resistance, do not change color, non conductive characteristics

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