Principle of Pearlescent pigments

- Nov 24, 2016 -

Pearlescent pigments excellent chemical resistance, high temperature performance, provide it in paint, ink, plastics and many other widely used in the field of possibilities, which gives these products a new color system and color quality. Pearlescent pigment heavy metals content is low, in conformity with the relevant safety standards and therefore can be used for food packaging and children's toys. Acids and alkalis at room temperature do not erode the pearlescent pigments. Pearlescent pigments cannot be burnt, without combustion, conductive, resistant to 600~800℃ high temperature. Pearlescent pigments can also be used for radiation curing systems (electron beam curing and UV-curing) reactive coatings. Pearlescent pigments special chemical structure it has excellent hydrophilic and therefore suitable for waterborne coatings, poor but lipophilic, so when it is used in organic systems, appears the problem of poor dispersion, surface treatment to Pearlescent pigments is required so that it can be well used in organic systems

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