Pearl powder

- Nov 24, 2016-

Pearlescent pigments cross section is similar to the physical structure of the Pearl; kernel is a low optical refractive index of mica, wrap outside layer is a high refractive index of metal oxides, such as iron oxide, titanium dioxide or. Ideally, Pearlescent pigment is evenly dispersed in the coating, and parallel to the formation of surface layer, as in Pearl, light through multiple reflections, interference embodied Pearlescent effect. With the development of Pearlescent pigment production, application of Pearlescent pigments and more familiar. Can be used for car, motorcycle, bicycle coatings, powder coatings and architectural coatings, Pearl ink, Pearlescent plastics, Pearlescent cosmetics, also can be used in paper making, printing and dyeing, printing, rubber, ceramics and other industries.

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