Ceramic enamel

- Nov 24, 2016-

In the classical style of porcelain products, added some Pearl luster, can make porcelain pattern or design is all the more vivid. Use of synthetic fluorine mica or Crystal MICA substrate made of titanium-MICA Pearlescent pigments with high temperature resistance, can be widely used in the ceramics and enamel. Pearlescent pigments made from ordinary Muscovites cannot withstand ceramics and enamel beads firing temperature. When used Pearlescent pigments and magnetic mixing glaze, then according to the degree of glaze is coated in dry porcelain cup, under strong oxidizing conditions within the kiln calcination, the temperature reached when appropriate, you can create beautiful Pearl of ceramics, Pearl pottery magic special interference color effects can be displayed.

8. leather

Pearlescent effect, nontoxic, odorless, high temperature resistant, chemically inert, and widely used in natural varnish types for printing and coating of artificial leather processing, and to make the dull colors became richer. Direct production of Pearlescent pigments blended into the transparent resin Pearl Leather, depending on the case may be.

9. car paint

Pearlescent pigment stability, good dispersion, almost all paints can be applied. And paint production in General, as long as the amount of pigment in paints and transparent substrate types to get Pearl paint, most suitable for use in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and other products of the coating. Pearlescent pigments to acid and alkali good, suitable for waterborne coating, resistant to sulfide, encountered sulphide, not colored, and the paint has conductive characteristics, the most suitable for electrostatic coating process

10. the stamping process

Include Pearl powder in the stamping process, technology can better fabrics, more prominent the overall visual effect of the pattern as a whole. Traditional stamping process more meaningful.

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