Hot Selling Eye Glitter for Cosmetic

Hot Selling Eye Glitter for Cosmetic

hot selling eye glitter for cosmetic 一 .Selling point: 1. Non-toxic industrial glitter powder, have no harm to both human and environmental

Product Details

Selling point: 

1. Non-toxic industrial glitter powder, have no harm to both human and environmental.
2. glitter paint are extra fine and super shining, makes your products stand out from others.
3. Multi shapes and sizes are available, and we can customize glitters as you require.
4. glitter paint have been tested through MSDS,SGS, ISO14001, ISO9001 etc.
5. We are the manufacturer who produce and market glitters on our own, which can ensure,you the punctuality of delivery and high quality of goods,as well as the low price.
6. OEM are welcomed.


Color Series 

Holographic series, Iridescent series, Rainbow Series, Gold series, Silver Series, Colored series,White Series, Fluorescent series, Pure Silver series, High flash series, Aluminum series, ect.



Glitter powder is widely applied in many industries, such as : Christmas craft work, wax candle craft, paper printing,jewelry, cosmetic,screen printing,chemical paint,glass craft,fabric printing,stationery,plastic product,ect.


Glitter Size

1/4 (6mm), 1/6(5mm), 1/8(3mm), 1/10(2.5mm), 1/12(2mm), 1/16(1.5mm), 1/24(1mm), 1/32(0.8mm), 1/40(0.6mm), 1/64(0.4mm), 1/96(0.3mm), 1/128(0.2mm), 1/170(0.15mm), 1/256(0.1mm), 1/360(0.08mm), 1/500(0.05mm),ect



1. Packed in 1KG transparent bag, then put 25KG carton

2. Packed in 25KG water-proof bag

3. Packed in different bottles , like 500g, 250g,100g,50g,20g,5g,ect.

4. DIY packaging which shown on the Canton Fair.



1. Is the glitter toxic?

—No, our glitter is not-toxic and it is environmental friendly.

2. Can we test the samples before ordering?

—Yeah, Free samples are offered to you to test. 

3. How about the delivery?

—For the normal size, it will be prepared in 1 days.

For the bulk or smallest glitter, it will be prepared in 3 or 4 days

Welcome to wholesale quality, delicate and low price hot selling eye glitter for cosmetic from Xucai - one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory also offers you free sample and customized service. Don't hesitate to buy our glitter any more.

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